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We create custom jewelry within Utah

This may be a very common experience you have faced. Have you ever been shopping for jewelry and seen a piece you liked but wanted to change it just a little to match your style? Unfortunately, its fairly common that the sales person tells you that it will be too expensive or that it just cannot be done. This is completely not true!

In most cases a custom piece of jewelry is less money and much better quality. They are not mass produced by a factory for a company that will sell thousands of the same piece of jewelry all year from a chain store. We start with your idea or picture then design it on our CAM program and carve it on a 5 axis lathe. On your approval of the wax, we cast and set each piece with pride and excellent workmanship — assuring that each piece is meant for a lifetime of durability and pleasure. Leaving you to anticipate hearing your sweetheart say, "That is more beautiful than I had imagined." Make an appointment with us today and see how we can make your dream piece of jewelery come to life! We serve all of Utah, and are ready to work with you today!

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